Discover the confidence of permanent dentures at SohoSmile®

Transform your Smile with denture implants

or call 212-334-7330

Discover the confidence of permanent dentures at SohoSmile®

Transform your Smile with denture implants

or call 212-334-7330

Dr. John Koutsoyiannis
SohoSmile Dental consult

Say farewell to traditional dentures and welcome the confidence of a permanent smile with implant-supported overdentures. Also known as snap-on or snap-in dentures, these innovative solutions are poised to revolutionize your smile and rejuvenate your quality of life.

What are implant-supported overdentures?
Implant-supported overdentures provide a durable alternative for replacing all missing teeth in either the upper or lower jaws. Anchored by dental implants surgically embedded into the jawbone, these dentures deliver a robust bite and natural chewing capabilities. With implant-supported dentures, you can eat, smile, and converse with ease and confidence. Additionally, they uphold proper jawbone density, minimize gum irritation, and offer long-lasting durability. Maintenance is hassle-free—simply brush and clean them like regular dentures, eliminating the need for pastes, creams, or adhesives.

Ideal candidates?
Ideal candidates for denture implants are individuals seeking comprehensive tooth replacement with adequate jawbone density. Should bone grafting be required to enhance jawbone density, our skilled team and Dr. Lea Planzos, will expertly guide you through the process with precision and care.

Biologic Approach
At our practice, we embrace a biologic approach to dentistry, prioritizing your overall health and well-being. We understand that oral health is intricately connected to your body’s systemic health, and our treatments are tailored to promote harmony and balance. Through integrative techniques and personalized care, we ensure that every aspect of your treatment journey aligns with your body’s natural processes, maximizing effectiveness and minimizing risks.

SohoSmile Gum Recession & Treatment

Pre-Surgery Preparation: Before the surgery, you’ll undergo a thorough pre-operative assessment to ensure you’re ready. This may involve medical history review, diagnostic tests, and discussions about anesthesia options.
Anesthesia Administration: Anesthesia will be administered to keep you comfortable during the procedure.
Implant Placement: The surgical team, including Dr. Lea, will carefully insert dental implant posts into the jawbone at predetermined locations.
Bone Grafting (if needed): Bone grafting may be necessary to augment the jawbone for implant support.
Implant Integration: After implant placement, osseointegration begins, where the implants fuse with the jawbone.
Temporary Restoration: Temporary dentures or crowns may be placed to maintain aesthetics and function.
Closure and Post-Operative Care: The surgical site will be closed, and post-operative care instructions provided.
Recovery and Healing: Allow time for healing and osseointegration to occur, following post-operative instructions diligently.

Following denture implant surgery
After surgery, mild discomfort or soreness may occur, manageable with pain medication. A soft diet is recommended initially, and stitches will typically be removed within 2-3 weeks. Consistent dental cleanings are essential for preserving oral health, along with regular brushing and flossing.


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Your smile makeover awaits!

Dr. John Koutsoyiannis and the compassionate team at SohoSmile® are here to guide you through your denture implant journey. Take the first step toward a permanent, confident smile by calling us at (212) 334-7330 or requesting an appointment online.

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